Installation Guide for NoOverflow Gutter Diverter (DIY)

How to Install MicroMesh Leaf Protection

Follow these simple steps to install your NoOverflow Gutter Diverter. Refer to the diagram below for visual guidance.

*Please note: Not all installs are the same. With some installs, you will need to make alterations to your leaf protection to accept our diverters. Others may not require anything but screwing it down.
Black background with a white number 1 centered.

Remove the Guards

Start by lifting the guards on both sides of the valley out of the way.

Large white number 2 on a solid black background.

Fit the Diverter

Position the diverter properly by ensuring it touches both sides of the gutter.

A white number three on a black square background.

Mark the Edge

Use a pencil to mark where the diverter hits the top lip of the gutter.

White number 4 on a black square background.

Remove and Replace

After marking, remove the diverter, place the guard back, and transfer the pencil marks onto the guard.

The number five displayed in white on a black square background.

Notch Both Sides

Notch both sides of the guard to accommodate the diverter based on the transferred marks.

A white number 6 on a black background.

Secure with Screws

Secure both the guard and diverter using two zip screws without the need for pre-drilling.

A white number seven centered on a black square background.

Apply Caulk

Finally, apply caulk around the notch and diverter for a secure and watertight seal.

Step-by-step guide to installing a gutter guard diverter, including marking, positioning, securing with zip screws, and ensuring a secured guard fit. Tools required: pencil, tape, and screwdriver.

Now that you see how easy it is to install the NoOverflow Gutter Diverter, it’s even easier to order! What are you waiting for? Give your home the kind of love it deserves so you can live worry-free for years to come.

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An advertisement for the NoOverflow Gutter Diverter, showing product images and a person pointing at a gutter. The product is available on Amazon and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Promotional image for NoOverflow Gutter Diverter featuring four installation examples: Extreme, Extreme Left, Extreme Right, and Extreme Bay, showing how it diverts water at 90 and 45-degree angles.