Are Splash Guards not working? That’s why we invented, our patent-pending NOOVERFLOW Gutter Diverter!

Save your home investment from water damage!

No overflow gutter encasement.

Simple Installation

Secure two supplied screws through the diverter into the top lip of the gutter.(supplied with every diverter)

Quality of material

.032 Gauge aluminum – Super thick and strong.

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Gutter Diverter


Have you watched your gutters overflow during heavy rain?

Does it seems like you constantly have to clean debris out from behind those old diverters that obstruct your reach ?

Running a gutter company for over 28 years we field these problems all the time.

I am having water over shooting our gutter and water is ruining the concrete steps.

I get wet every time it rains, At the time, the solution was to add a piece of metal, but that didn’t work!

Overflowing gutters can cause

  • Foundation cracking
  • Walkway erosion
  • Mulch wash out
  • Damage to lawn (holes)
  • Slip and falls in the winter
  • Damage to wood
  • Water penetration into your home
  • Repairs can cost thousands

Nooverflow Gutter Diverter Gallery

Nooverflow Gutter Diverter Installed

Protect your home from water damage with our expert Gutter Diverter Installed service, channeling rainwater away with precision and care.

Gutter Diverter X

Four (4) Gutter Diverter styles to fit any sized gutter.

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Our XL and XR

Designs make it even more efficient to direct the water towards the downspout to eliminate overflowing in unwanted sections without downspouts.

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Gutter Diverter XB

Designed to divert water in both directions!

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Our Nooverflow Gutter Diverter expands the gutter at the valley to catch more water.

It also makes it easier to clean!

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Only $22.95

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Only $22.95

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Only $22.95

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Only $22.95

The Nooverflow Gutter Diverter:

Splash guards function as assistants for your gutters. They function to direct water away from the foundation of your property so that harm is prevented. Regular splash guards, however, don’t always function particularly well. This can cause water to accumulate and possibly ruin your home’s structure.

We at Wood & Wood are experts in maintaining and repairing gutters. We have a creative solution for this issue. The Nooverflow Gutter Diverter is a brand-new technique for preventing water from creating problems.


The Problem with Splash Guards:


Splash guards are crucial because they direct rainfall away from the foundation of your home. However, with time, these barriers may get clogged with debris and leaves, causing water to overflow and gather close to your property.

It might not seem like a huge thing when your gutters overflow, but this can really lead to a number of very significant issues for your house. It can result in the following problems if rainfall is not properly managed:

  • Ground Cracks: The presence of too much water close to the foundation of your home can weaken the soil and generate ground cracks, which can reduce the stability of your property.


  • Worn-out Paths: Overflowing gutters may slowly erode away sidewalks and roads, leaving them uneven and dangerous to walk on.


  • Slippery Yard: The additional water can wash away mulch from your garden, giving it a muddy appearance and possibly even sweeping the soil away.
  • Lawn Holes: Water may cause holes in your lawn if it sits there for an extended period, Making the surface an obstacle course to move around.


  • Slippery Winter Ground: In the winter, water that overflows could freeze, making the ground ice and possibly dangerous to walk on.


  • Harm to Wood: If water keeps overflowing, it might cause expensive damage to the wood on your roof and close to your gutters.


  • Water in Your Home: If the spilling water isn’t controlled, it might enter your house and harm the insulation, walls, and ceilings.


  • Costly Solutions: Solving these unresolved issues can be quite expensive. The cost to put things back in order might reach tens of thousands of dollars.


Introducing the Nooverflow Gutter Diverter:

Nooverflow Gutter Diverter is a revolutionary solution to the challenges associated with traditional splash guards. Old splash guards are less effective than gutter diverters. You won’t need to be concerned about water damage because of this new and better method of diverting water away from your home.

How the Nooverflow Gutter Diverter Works:

The Nooverflow Gutter Diverter operates in a smart yet simple manner. It enters your present gutter system and directs rainfall away from your property using gravity and clever design. The Gutter Diverter ensures that rainwater that enters your gutters from your roof is directed away from your house. This prevents water from accumulating and harming your foundation.

Advantages of the Nooverflow Gutter Diverter:

There are several advantages of Nooverflow Gutter Diverter. The first benefit of its design is that it doesn’t get clogged, so you don’t need to clean it as frequently. The Nooverflow Gutter Diverter also assists in maintaining the strength of your property by ensuring water doesn’t get too close to the foundation. This might help you avoid having to spend a large sum of money on repairs. Additionally, this solution aids in better water management around your yard, enhancing the quality of the outdoor space.

What angle are the X, Xl and XR for?

90 degree 2 angles at 45 degrees

What angle is XB for?

45 degree 2 angles at 22.5 degrees

How long before shipping?

3-5 Days

What material is it made from?

.032 Gauge aluminum

What colors are available?

White only

How is it fastened?

It comes with 2 1/4 drive hex head screws to fasten to the gutter

Where is it made?

Made in the USA

What are the dimensions?

X 12” L x 4” H x 6” D
XR and XL 13 L x 3.5” H x 5 1/4 D
XB 14” L x 4” H x 3” D

Minimum distance requirements.

10” Minimum from corner outward

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