We Love To Do Your Gutters

The above headline, “WE LOVE TO DO YOUR GUTTERS” is absolutely Wood & Wood’s company philosophy. It’s simple… we “do” gutters and only gutters and because of that fact, we pride ourselves at being the very best in the gutter industry.

From the first time you contact us to when our team finishes the cleanup of your property, We strive to make the experience seamless. Not at all unlike the seamless gutter systems we install for our clients.

Mike Wood and his OSHA certified three-man crews have been extensively trained. This ensures that when we are on your property, no matter what service of ours you’re hiring us for, you’ll end up being completely satisfied.

For over 20 years Wood & Wood has been providing a full array of gutters services to the Greater Hartford area and beyond. Our attention to detail is second to none and no one knows that better than our existing, very loyal, client base.