When the fall season rolls around there are many fun activities for you and your family to engage in. However, on the other side of all that fun comes the not so great job of cleaning your gutters.

Now you know that your gutters need to be cleaned; but the question is are you doing it yourself or are you going to make the decision to bring in a professional to cross this arduous task off your to-do list?

Here are five great reasons why hiring a pro to clean your gutters is the right move.

Home Damage – Homeowners typically clean their gutters once a year and that’s when the fall rolls around. From something as simple as the placement of your ladder you risk, among other things, denting your gutters. There is always the potential, depending on what types of tools you use, that you might very well end up separating the seams between gutters, or even worse, gouging a hole, causing the gutter to leak which can eventually wreak havoc with your home, foundation included.

Safety – An interesting, yet nonetheless, scary statistic is that approximately about 170,000 Americans are injured, on a yearly basis, from ladder-related accidents. To make matters worse over 90,000 of them are needed to be taken to the emergency room. Click on this link to see for yourself.   U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission It’s really simple. If you’re up on a ladder there’s a shot that something could go wrong and is it worth it for you to be cleaning your own gutters.

Pesky Critters – All kinds of creepy crawly things can be hanging out in your gutters. From rodents to bees to birds and of course all kinds of insects. These critters like damp and dark places and an uncleaned gutter creates the right environment for them to flourish. You also need to keep in mind that decaying leaves contain all different types of bacteria and mold that if inhaled can pose a health risk to you and members of your family.

Power lines – Many homes these days have power lines running from the street to your home.  Here’s the scary part. If your ladder touches one of those power lines, there’s a real chance of you being electrocuted.  In addition, there may be other wires connected to your home, such as telephone and cable that could easily be damaged or disconnected when you’re up on your ladder.

No Solo Practitioners – If you’re bound and determined to clean your gutters yourself you should always have a helper by your side. That helper is there to make sure your ladder is steady at all times, along with being available to hand you your tools. The fewer times you have to go up and down on your ladder the less likelihood that an accident will occur. You can never be too safe.

Keeping the five points above in mind your best bet is to call Wood & Wood today and book an appointment to have them come and clean your gutters. Wood & Wood does gutter cleaning for a living, day in and day out. They know all the risks, and know the best way to avoid them and leave your gutters the way only an expert can do it.

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