Many a homeowner’s famous last words have been “They’re only going to be cleaning my gutters. How could I ever be at risk?” However, if the person or company you hire to clean your gutters doesn’t have the right licenses and insurance you’re possibly setting yourself up for one big pile of trouble. If an uninsured person is on a ladder, on your home, and there is an accident where that individual is injured, there is a very good likelihood that you will end up being liable. It is that simple. Your liability could easily cover all of that individual’s medical expenses and if permanent injuries are involved you could very well be looking at future compensation. You also could be exposed if the company or individual you hire to clean your gutters causes damage to your home or even your neighbor’s home. If they do not have enough general liability insurance here comes that big pile of trouble again.

Though many different companies offer gutter cleaning as just another service they can provide you, there is a very good likelihood that they do not have the expertise that a fully licensed, full service gutter company can offer. Landscaping companies will often offer to clean your gutters but there only looking for a way to extend their season. They don’t, in most cases, have the expertise, let alone the licenses and insurance, that a bona fide gutter company does. Now if you happen to hear of a window contractor, or a roofing or siding company is offering a promotion to clean your gutters, be on alert. Why? Because more than likely they are only hoping, while they’re cleaning your gutters, to find other issues with your home that they can bring to your attention and sell you on hiring their company to fix what other potential problems they might have uncovered. The other issue to not lose sight of is, will any of these companies truly know if there are other problems with your gutters besides the fact that they are clogged? Will they be able to recommend that your gutter system needs to be replaced? Will they be able to tell if your gutters are properly pitched and or secured?

Reputation in the 21st Century means everything. It is with that in mind that you want to make sure you hire a fully insured and licensed gutter company to work on your home’s gutter system, no matter what the issue is. A gutter company whose existing clients do nothing but sing their praises. A company that is open year-round and answers the phone with a smile. That company is Wood & Wood Seamless Gutters. They have been in business for many years and have a legion of loyal clients that wouldn’t hire any other gutter company to come to their home and work on their gutters.

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