HEAT Cables


Winters in Connecticut are unpredictable but no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us, you need to be prepared. Heat cables installed on your roof or in your gutter is one great way to make sure the ravages of winter aren’t damaging both the inside and outside of your home.

Wood & Wood installs Danfoss RX heat cable on the roof and in the gutters to help ensure that ice dams aren’t forming up there without you knowing it. With Danfoss RX heat wires installed you will see the snow melting off your roof right before your eyes.

Introducing Heat Cables

When the cold weather arrives, heat cables, also known as roof heating cables or de-icing cables, are essential for protecting your roof. These cables have a heating element that is covered in durable materials to withstand a variety of weather situations.

When turned on, they provide a constant, gentle warmth that successfully prevents snow and ice from building up on your roof. This clever technique not only keeps your property secure but also takes care of the inconvenience of tedious manual snow removal.


Importance of Heat Cable

The winters in Connecticut can be harsher, and if snow and ice build-up on your roof, it may lead to all kinds of problems. You risk developing ice dams as well as damage to your roof tiles, gutters, and other components.

Ignoring something now might cost you later. However, heat cables can save the day here! They act as a kind of preventive precaution to protect your roof from excessive snow and ice. There are no longer any concerns about that accumulation. Your roof remains satisfied and trouble-free!


Choosing the Right Heat Cable

Heat cables differ from one another. Consider factors like the size of your roof, its form, and the local weather when choosing the appropriate cables for your roof.

Look into various brands and varieties, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from experts. Choose wires that will perform the job correctly and efficiently consume energy without skyrocketing your electric bill.


Danfoss RX Heat Wires

We at Wood & Wood strongly advise using Danfoss RX heat cables and have total confidence in them. These cables stand out due to their remarkable features and dependable performance. They are designed to have a long lifespan while also providing effective heat

Key Features of Danfoss RX Heat Wires

  • Performance: The Danfoss RX heat cables are designed to offer dependable and effective heating, reducing the formation of ice dams and snow.
  • Long-Lasting: Danfoss RX cables are constructed with a focus on quality and are designed to withstand even the hardest winter conditions, ensuring they continue to perform for years.
  • guarantee: Danfoss gives you a 2-year guarantee on its heat cables.
  • Safety: Preventing electrical shocks is a primary issue, and Danfoss RX cables are designed to do just that, increasing their reliability.
  • Advanced Heating Technology: The cables are equipped with a high-quality heating element that increases their effectiveness and successfully keeps snow and ice off your roof.


Professional Installation by Wood & Wood:

We at Wood & Wood are proud to offer top-notch installation services for Danfoss RX heat cables. Our knowledgeable staff guarantees a quick and efficient installation so you can enjoy the full efficiency of these wonderful heat cables.