Not all screws are created equal and it is important for you to know the difference when you are hiring a company to install gutters on your home. Most gutter companies use a 1 ½” #9 size screw but Wood & Wood Seamless Gutters uses a 1 ½” #12 wood grip screw with a coarse thread. The thicker the screw is and the deeper the thread it has, means that it is a stronger screw with an even stronger hold to ensure once your gutter is installed it is going to stay put.

Wood & Wood went to great lengths to find the right screw for all their gutter installations. The screw they use has a heat cured coating that is applied to the entire surface of the screw. The coating placed on the screw includes a dip/spin/cure process. Multiple coats are applied and after each coating the screw is oven cured to ensure maximum adhesion and corrosion protection. Wood & Wood Seamless Gutters are not screwing around when it comes to using the right screw for all their gutter installations. That’s good news for you, the home owner, because once your gutter is installed by the Wood & Wood team of professionals, you can rest assured that your new gutter system is there to stay.

Now some gutter installation companies still use, to this day, gutter spikes to install gutter systems on their customer’s homes. You simply need to stir clear of companies that are employing the old fashion method of gutter spikes for their installations.

Nail spikes don’t work and there’s a ton of evidence to support that claim. Often these large nail spikes will become loose and then will need to be pounded back in place each Fall when you are up on your ladder attempting to clean your gutters.

As the temperature changes from hot to cold, your gutters will expand and contract.

As your gutters begin to warm up, they begin to expand, but the spikes try to keep that expansion from happening.

The expanding gutter will put a large amount of pressure on the spike and, over a period of time, your gutters will begin to loosen up . Do keep in mind that the longer the gutter run, the more noticeable this problem becomes.

Once the spikes become loose and begin to pull out, they lose their ability to stay in place, so no matter how many times you hammer them back in, they will, for sure, get loose again.

If you happen to notice that your gutters are sagging, that is a very good indication that you have loose spikes. As your gutters begin to sag, they start to accumulate water in the sagging areas and this extra weight, added to the gutter, intensifies the problem even more.

The moral of this “story,” also known as a blog, is make sure you are not getting screwed when you have new gutters installed on your home.

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